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The Art Of Coffee Making And Blend The Perfect Cup

Nobody can prove the exact time when the first cup of coffee was brewed. But legends say that it was first discovered by a goat herder in the Ethiopian coffee forests, it goes on to say that the goats ate the berries and became very energetic. So this is the first time when coffee came into our lives. Coffee Making is an art; if our morning coffee doesn’t come out right then the whole day is going to turn out very bad. So a perfect cup of coffee will be the foundation of your whole day.

Why does the coffee taste best in a coffee shop?

The years of their training of blending coffee in a particular way brings about the change in the taste of the café coffees. Read reviews for finding best pour over coffee maker. However, we try to make that type of coffee it always comes out wrong. The role of the brewer is very important in the taste of the coffee. We all have different tastes and the coffee we drink also depends on our taste. It is filled with antioxidants and it is healthier than green tea. Chlorogenic antioxidant found exclusively in coffee helps prevent cardiovascular diseases.

A few reasons why the morning coffee making is good for you

The Coffee Making ritual in the morning is not only your wakeup call but also has many health benefits:

  • Your morning coffee is filled with antioxidants; it’s not just your alarm to shake you up from your sleep. The antioxidant level in a cup that you drink in the morning is more than in green tea and cocoa.
  • When you drink coffee in the morning there a short term boost in your memory. Studies show that brain activity is increased for a short period after drinking coffee. The caffeine in your coffee has a unique effect on the part of the brain that controls memory.
  • Studies have shown that it also helps to contain Alzheimer’s to a certain extent.
  • Did you know your morning coffee is also good for your heart? It helps in protecting your heart against arterial damage.
  • Certain cancers can also be controlled by drinking coffee.

These are the health benefits a coffee drinker can get.

The art of coffee making

The best way of making coffee is by brewing it. Instant coffee will never taste as good as brewed coffee, the smell too is completely different. Many people don’t think outside their daily dose of instant coffee. But the process of Coffee Making by brewing the coffee has a completely different taste to it, and once you taste the brewed coffee you will never go back to instant coffee. Coffee is the only drink that can provide you with different tastes:

  • Cappuccino
  • Café latte
  • Espresso
  • Mochaccino
  • Irish coffee

These are a few different coffee types and all taste completely different. A person who drinks tea doesn’t have these many options. So be proud that your coffee making skills are appreciated all over the world.